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Fire Painter : The Art of Russell Maier

Free Art Useage - Terms of Use

If you would like to make use of the art on this site for commercial purposes please contact me at:

Some examples of people and groups who have made use Maier's art:

Calendar Maier Painting

  • Paul Scott Wilson uses 'Flurry' for the cover of his book Setting Words on Fire, Putting God at the Center of the Sermon

  • Bethan Enid from Becon, Wales, used Maier's abstract landscape style for her painting model in her high school art class.

  • Nathan Cullen, Minister of Parliament for North Western B.C. used a Fall Abstract painting for the cover of his 2005 calendar. The calendar went out to 50,000 constituents.

  • Laura Swart from Red G Fire Protection in South Africa used Maier's fire Images for their annual Fire Prevention Magazine.

  • PenWorld Magazine, published in NYC, used Maier's art for their 2004 magazine.

  • Stewart from the U.S. used fire images to map 3D textures for a character in a video game development.


Following the fundamental Fire Painting philosophy of the artist, the art on this site is available for your use and enjoyment. Free of charge for all non commercial purposes.

Throughout the site you will find images of up to 1200 x 1600 pixel resolution.

We would greatly like to hear what you use the art for. Please drop us a line if you use a picture. A link on your site, to would also be appreciated.

For printing, publishing and commercial use, you may purchase the rights to image use from the artist.  Higher resolution versions of the art are available in this case.  Please contac the artist for pricing and availability of the high resolution files.

Send an e-mail to:



The Art of Russell Maier: Fire Painter

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In keeping with the fire painting philosophy all the art on this site is released to the world freely.