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1Mandala Project

The 1Mandala Project

Russell is currently traveling across the wrold by bicycle while orchestrating his World Oneness Mandala Project with Humanity's Team.  Country by country, Russell is encouraging people to create and submit peace portraits.  These portraits are being compiled into a giant collaborative mandala.  

Visit the Project Website:


The Simple Series from Russell's Blog. Paintings available for sale.

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Taking Care of the World Mandala

Artists Russell Maier and Muheim students pose beside their Taking Care of the World Mandala

Artists Russell Maier and Muheim students pose beside the Taking Care of the World Mandala See the Mandala >>

You can Also see the YouTube video of the Mandala being made!

Colour Universe

MAY 09:  Colour Universe Painting Photography

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Welcome to the Art
of Russell Maier

Russell Maier is a Canadian multi-media artist who specializes in grand collaborative mandalas. Using word of mouth and latest social media technologies he invites the world to co-create. Here you can find the archive of Russell's evolution of work for paint, fire, pixels and now mandalas. Russell is from Canada's great North West, but his home is the planet. His current 1Mandala project has taken him and his creating from Smithers B.C. to Slovenia.

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Selections of Maier's Work from 2006 to 2009








Follow Russell's flow of creation and his artistic journey on his Missive 452 Blog:


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