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The Muheim "Taking Care of the World Mandala"

In the Fall of 2007, artist Russell Maier began work with the classes of Muheim Memorial Elementary School in Smithers BC.  Through a grant from ArtStarts BC, Russell led three workshops with each of the dozen or so classes of kindergarten to grade seven students in the school.  

Mandalas are an ancient art form that explore symetry, balance and harmony by working outwards from the centre of a circle.  Over 260 Muheim students were led in the creation of a personal mandala.  The students were invited to use symbols, shapes and colours to explore what it means to 'take care of the world'-- Muheim's theme for the year.  After students had  gained the concepts of  symetry and geometric harmony, Russell guided teams of two to four in making larger collaborative mandalas.  Working in silence the children would have to dillegently pay attention to their team members in the drawing and colouring process.

Using the individual and collaborative mandalas, Russell then orchestrated the creation of a 12 by 24 foot grand mandala in the school's gynamsium.  You can see photos of it on this page.  Prints will be available in 2008.

 In the spirit of Tibetan sand Mandalas that are made then destroyed as a symbol of impermanece, the Muheim Mandala was taken down after two weeks.  In the Tibetan tradition the grains of sand from the Mandala (that often monks have laboured to buld grain by grain for several weeks) are gathered together and put into rivers and streams-- to distribute the energy and blessing of the mandala into the world.  In the same way, the students of Muheim will all receive postcards with the final mandala image on it, to send and share with their penpals and friends around the world. 

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Look for the upcoming film short of the Mandala Project being produced by Russell Maier and Muheim teacher Eric Dufresne. To be posted here in mid-January 2008.

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Mandala set-up    The mandala artists

Taking Care of the World Mandala
24 x 12 feet  Oil pastel on Constrution paper.
Involved 260 Muheim Elementary students from k to Gr. 7

Prints of Mandala Now Available!

Making of the Mandala

Childrens Mandala  Side view


Making the Mandala

1.  Putting the mandala up involved lots of help from the students.
2. Pentagram Mandala by Muheim Grad 4 student.  Oil pastels on black paper.
3.  Side view of the mandala in the Muheim Gymnasium.


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