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Russell Maier - the artist

 Russell Maier has worked with traditional and digital art for over a decade. He has taught web and graphic design in the Middle East and Central America. His art combines his academic background in philosophy, his extensive experience in graphic design, and his passion for new methods of creation and expression.

Maier's paintings have been displayed throughout Northern B.C. and on Parliament Hill in Ottawa . Russell creates full time from his mountain studio in Smithers, B.C



"The true value of an artist's work is not in the labour, but in the perspective put forth"

""Being an artist is about having fun.  When you have fun, you make great things.  Great art doesn't  have to be fancy pictures with lots of details.  In fact, the best art often isn't fancy, and doesn't have lot of details.  Good art shares a new way at looking at things.  Being an artist is all about sharing.  The art that you make helps people see the world in new and exciting ways."

Russell has always been an artist.  However, it wasn't until he was working in the depths of the Costa Rican rain forest that he realized that it was OK just to make art.  A beautiful tropical bird sang to him, and he realized that he could sing too-- but with colours and ideas.  He has been singing ever since.  In the last year his work has shown in New York and Vancouver, and half a dozen shows in galleries across BC.

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