Hex archive

Why hexagons?

Hexagons are a fascinating shape that helps illustrate the non-linear development of ideas and fire-painting sessions. Often one session is related more to an earlier session than its immediate predecessor. As I add sessions it is a helpful tool for me to chronicle the conceptual development of ideas and techniques.


he artist keeps a separate archive of paintings. Visit the painting archive.




Hex Archive
Charting Artistic Evolution

Every piece of art plays a part in the development of the next. Here all of the artist's work are archived using hexagons to show the interelation of his evolving ideas, technics, and styles. Each sessions is represented by a hexagon. The sessions are organized in three main categories: landscapes, abstracts and fire paintings. They are also laid out chronologically and placed spatially to show the interalation of development.

Session 6 Session 6 Session 6 Session 6 Session 6 October Paintings Winter Abstract Series October Paintings Winter Colours Series Fall Colours Series October Paintings October Paintings June Paintings: Abundance Babine October Paintings Session 5 Session 4 Session 3: Fear Forsaken Missouri: Session 1 Session 2 Missouri Paintings Missouri Paintings Missouri Paintings Costa Rica Paintings First Winter Tree Paintings


FirePainting Sessions

Firepaintings aren't pieces of art in the traditional sense. Each work results from a "burn session" where dozens to hundreds of photos are taken of the painting as it is destroyed. From this collection of shots, the vast majority are discarded. A select few make it online where they are grouped on the same page. These sessions are being constantly added to this website. You can access them from the top of the page, by clicking on the respective hexagon.


Abstract & Landscape Paintings

An archive of Russell Maier's traditional paintings is also kept and updated on this website. You can view these paintings chronologically here:

>> Painting Archive


The Art of Russell Maier:  Fire Painter

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