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Mindful Moment - Fire Painting

"Fire painting involves the strategic destruction of my paintings with fire. The process is captured on film and the digital images and prints serve as the final piece."

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"Burning Mind"




The following is a compillation of links and resources on the various facets of fire-- from the scientific to the mythological. Fire is a fascinating substance, concept and symbol which is explored on this site through art. These links have been collected while researching the various aspects of fire.

Religion and Fire

From Moses and the burning bush, to the apostles and their "tongues of fire" through to the Holy Spirit, fire has much spiritual significance in the Bible. Leviticus prescribes the use of candles in the temples and the offering of sacrifices in fire. Elijah goes up to Heaven in a Chariot of fire.

Fire in the Old and New Testament

Seraphim: Beings of Light and Fire?

Mythology and Fire

Fire can be found representing the divine in the myths and legends of almost every culture. The Greek myth of Prometheus who stole the fire of the Gods from mount Olympus and brought it to man. The Greeek God of fire Hephaestus a craftman and was often pictured as having a smoky workshop where he worked at his forge. The Roman's adopted him for their god of fire Vulcan.



Traditional Prometheus Myth

The new Prometheus


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Fire and Art

Fire Photographs by Larry Schwarm. His series of color images capturing the dramatic prairie fires that sweep across the Flint Hills of Kansas each spring. A professor of art at Emporia State University, Schwarm has spent the past twelve years photographing the burning of the tallgrass prairie in his native state.

Fire Fighter art. A fire fighter who is also an artist chronicles his experiences fighting fires.


The Art of Russell Maier:  Fire Painter

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