Something Big and Glassy

"I'm a practicing . . . Iconclast. Environmentalist. Feminist. Cross-Spectrum Pundit. Insufferable Romantic. Comedian Who Gets the Occasional Pity Laugh. Failed Novelist/Poet. Walker Errant. "

-Mr. J


Mr. J is a writer (Mr. J wishes to remain anonymous so I have blanked out is name in this review) He is currently working on his PhD in English literature at a maritime university. Everyday he faithfully practices his craft by adding to his online blog. For the past month his site has been my homepage, and with much pleasure I have been following his frequent entries.

Mr. J's reflective blog is an entertaining and insightful chronicle of contemporary Canadian and mainstream Christian culture. His choice of featured links and entries reflects both his post modern Canadian context and his maritime religious roots. He touches on many things, from the commonplace to the eccentric, all with a deceptively modest voice that makes its points with delightful twists of elegance.

There is an indisputable undercurrent of confrontation in his blog between his religious roots and the incongruencies and absurdities that he witnesses in his ongoing engagement with Christian culture. As he wrestles with deeply set religious values we get glimpses of something deeper-- yet something much less definable. A good sign that he's on to something. His entries echo an honesty that one cannot but respect.

We are all born of a culture and it is our path to live it and transcend it. Mr. J does a little more. he describes it. Who new that self examination could be so entertaining? I urge you to tune in for a read!

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