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Once a month, a new and exciting artist is featured on the fire-painter.com site. Do you know an artist with an innovative take on reality?

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Epp Art

Edward Epp

Edward Epp is a painter residing in Prince Rupert, in North Western B.C., Canada. Edward captures the rise and fall of forms in local seascapes, the boats and the birds that grace his environs in bold brush strokes and evocative forms. Look for his distinct and softly hued impressions all over B.C., and on his website.


Mr. J

Mr. J , is and old friend finishing his PhD English lit in the Maritimes. He's been keeping a blog and I've been following it. J's chronicles his constant clash with experiences so commonplace that they melt into something profoundly entertaining through the strokes of his cyber quill.

Who says blogs can't be art?
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Perry Rath

Perry Rath is a Canadian artist who, like me, lives near Smithers B.C. What strikes me most is his inventive and unusual installation art.

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Noah Layne

Noah Layne, is a fellow B.C. artist. He works from Victoria.

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