Russell Maier has worked with digital art for over a decade. He has taught web and graphic design in the middle east and central america. His art combines his background in philosophy, graphic design, and his passion for new methods of creation and expression.


"Rather than creating singular pieces, I destroy them. In destroying them I create something that can be shared by everyone."

"For centuries art has been about the creation of a single entity. Print making has helped to share and distribute art to the masses, but also to enshrine the concept of one sacrosnct and orinating piece. With the advent of the internet and digital media, it is possible to transcend this restriction once and for all. Fire painting is not only the destruction of a painting but of an antiquitated concept of art

Through the strategic combustion of a canvas and the careful photographic capturing of the moment, I create a new picture that mixes flame and paint. Through the internet and large format photo printing, the final product can be shared directly with many-- rather than just one. An original work is no longer restricted to wealthy individuals but appropriated by all those who enjoy it.

This website shares this philosophy. The way that I distribute my art reflects the underlying philosophy of the medium. Rather than holding on to individual pieces, or to my style I seek to freely share it. All the images on this site are available for you to use in anyway you see fit. Low resolution images are available for you to view and high resolution images are freely available for you to decorate your desktop, to publish or to print."



The Art of Russell Maier:  Fire Painter

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In keeping with the fire painting philosophy all the art on this site is released to the world freely.